You write your articles about your band and now want people to see it.  This is the basic concept behind most people’s social promotion plans. Don’t let your articles go to waste, lets see if people like it.

When creating a social promotion strategy, the one main factor I want to stress is using sites that you actually frequent.  When I began, I created accounts with various social networks and it became more of a hassle than an asset.  If you don’t spend time on these individual networks your traffic will show.

If you already have social network profiles, I would like you to read this article about Improving Your Social Marketing Presence and becoming aware of what your stats tell you and questions to ask about improvement.

Case Study 1

I have over 1900 followers on Twitter and I have about 17 followers on StumbleUpon.  Which one do you think gives me the most traffic every month?  To my surprise, StumbleUpon gives me more traffic.

When looking back at reasons for it, it became very clear.  I was spending more time on StumbleUpon because my traffic stats showed that it referred over a 1000 visitors a month from there.  I saw that and started spending a little more time weekly using the service.  I had a couple of friends help me share some articles and that little action worked.  It all came down to consistency.

When I spent more time on Twitter, traffic was also great.  My problem was not developing a weekly plan to keep my promotion active and build relationships.

Lesson learned: It’s not about the flashiest new social network, it’s about how serious your plan of promotion is.

Why Use Social Promotion?

I like the fact that using these free services allows for your content to be indexed quicker in the search engines.  It is very important to let the search engine spiders know that your site is active.  This is also an active approach to sharing your articles in hopes of other finding value in it and sharing it with their followers.


Sign up to 4 social networks if you haven’t done so already.  For example, I would use  Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon and Digg to start off with.  Set up your profile with picture and bio info and make sure to list your website if asked to.

Start to use each network and slowly find which ones you like.  When you write an article, share it on each of the networks and analyze how good your promotion is.  Find out how to add followers, but this time try to engage with them, even like, share or stumble one of their articles.  Quality followers and promotion networks will develop.

The key here is keeping it simple and from this list of four, find out where our time is well suited.  It’s not about the number of followers, its about the friendships you create.